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Michael Braungart: an imagineer’s perspective on designing for the future

After catching Michael Braungart talk at The Bridge Summit’s kickoff event for 2017 in Malmö (and being totally inspired!), we thought we’d share some gems from Braungart on how to design for the future and finding new ways of making stuff. Braungart, who has a PhD in chemistry and is an ardent humanist, is the man that developed Cradle to Cradle alongside architect William McDonough. The pair have inspired a new way of making things in technical and biological loops. Companies like skin and body care company Aveda are getting on board, and you can find Cradle to Cradle certified products and buildings that are as diverse as seaweed roof ridges, closed loop cleaning products, waste-free container ships, and non-toxic...

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Purpose Conference: what the f**k is purpose-driven business?

Purpose is the conference that propels purpose-driven businesses to the front of the pack, exploring the next wave of corporate culture by hearing of the successes, failures and strategies from local and international companies driven by values. Karina was honoured to speak on behalf of Seljak Brand on the New Kids On The Block panel. We were stoked to be included in the conversation of purpose-driven business and social enterprise. This year featured an exciting array of topics exploring future drivers and enablers for the success of purpose-driven firms: The New Kids On The Block panel featured businesses that are under two years old and already 'killing it' (their words not ours!) and we were in the excellent company of...

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The Coffee Collective: Closed-Loop Coffee Cups in Copenhagen

While the wonderful folks at KeepCup have done an incredible job at shifting people away from single-use takeaway coffee cups, there are still so many times I get to a cafe only to realise I’ve left my KeepCup at home or on my desk, or worse, it’s in my bag but still unwashed from yesterday’s coffee. And if I don’t have time to sit and drink a coffee, I might get a coffee in a takeaway paper cup. But I reassure myself that these are mostly biodegradable now, right? But in fact, biodegradable products need composting systems to actually break down. So sending these cups to landfill or even recycling them doesn’t mean they will biodegrade. There are even reports...

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Well Made Clothes: the future of smart shopping

Sometimes we think so hard about the impact of our choices, we end up just spinning furiously around in one spot and make not a single decision. There’s too much information out there not to consider the options, but why is buying underwear that does no harm so gaad daam hard? Well Made Clothes is a way you can shop for cool clothes that are sustainably and ethically made. What does that even mean? The team at Well Made helps to unpack that question with their eight values; Fair, Minimal Waste, Vegan, Gender Equality, Handcrafted, Transparent, Local and Sustainable (Well Made dubs organic as the pinnacle of sustainable), which inform their curation choices and your purchase choices. Respecting people and nature...

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Fairphone: a smartphone with a conscience

Fairphone is providing smartphone consumers with a new opportunity when it comes to technology… to purchase a phone that is long-lasting by self and supported repair and that has less impact on the environment and society.   Smartphones are something that people don’t have a huge amount of purchasing power over. That is to say, it hasn’t been easy to invest in a phone knowing that the environment and people haven’t been comprised in its creation. Until Fairphone came along. Fairphone is an Android smartphone that is built to last. The first of its kind on the market, it’s a modular phone designed to be taken apart and repaired as necessary by its owner with spare parts available for sale...

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