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Q&A with Ngugi woman and curator Freja Carmichael

Freja Carmichael is a Ngugi woman and curator belonging to the Quandamooka people of Mulgumpin (Moreton Island) and Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). Dedicated to cross-cultural sharing and sensitive curatorial practices, Freja’s projects foreground First Nations autonomy, presence and self-representation.  Freja has worked with First Nations people from around the world and has spent considerable time connecting with artists and collaborators, curating exhibitions and researching and writing. Freja’s work embeds cultural and community-centred care into the arts sector. She’s an inspiration to many and we had the privilege of asking Freja more about her work; how it all began, impactful projects she’s worked on and what’s next for her... Freja Carmichael Tell us a little bit about who you are and what...

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Sam & Karina Seljak It's been a year of challenges, unknowns and changes. Despite it throwing us all for a loop, 2020 has enabled us to slow down and reflect on how we at Seljak Brand can create more sustainable systems and greater impact.  Every year we report on how we’re contributing to our waste-free vision, and supporting the environment and the community we work within.  Alongside diverting textiles waste from landfill, we’ve donated a blanket to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) for every 10 blankets sold since we launched in 2016.  Over the course of 2020 it’s become clear that cash donations could more effectively cover the very immediate needs of refugees and people seeking asylum. As Seljak Brand grows,...

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The rise of zero waste events (and how to make your next BBQ a zero waste affair)

by Dominiqe Bird Dominiqe Bird works in the Social Enterprise sector and is the General Manager of Events at White Box Enterprises. His passion is to create meaningful experiences that amplify innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to social and environmental issues. When Dom isn’t running events, you can find him at home listening to obscure soul records and pottering in the garden. It’s likely that each and every person reading this article has experienced an event cancellation this year. Was it a wedding, a milestone birthday party, a beloved annual music festival?  Twenty-twenty is the year of the postponed or cancelled event. While many of us mourned an opportunity to be together in-person, en masse, this pause has also provided...

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Good Citizens raises the bar on waste-to-resource design

Congratulations to the winner of The Design Files + Laminex Sustainable Design or Initiative Awards 2020: Good Citizens!  Seljak Brand was proud to be the winner of last year’s award and this year, Seljak Brand Co-founder & Director Karina was invited to judge the same category, which was expanded to include programs and services as well as products.  As more and more sustainable products enter the market, and ‘greenwashing’ becomes prevalent, innovative sustainable design is quickly evolving to stay ahead of trends by remaining accountable to the goal – to create less harmful products, and better yet, ones that benefit people and the planet.  From the extremely high calibre of applicants this year we saw inclusive product features, models for...

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Seljak Brand is now carbon neutral

Mt Field National Park in Tasmania We’re proud to announce that Seljak Brand is now carbon neutral! By carbon offsetting, the harmful emissions released from making our products and running our business now equals zero. We worked with the Carbon Reduction Institute to quantify and offset our carbon footprint, and create an ongoing strategy for carbon neutrality. We conducted both an operational review (day-to-day running of the business) and a life cycle analysis of our products to get a complete picture of Seljak Brand’s impact, from when we first started Seljak Brand in 2016 until now.  Last financial year we emitted 7.12 tonnes of CO2e (tCO2e) from an operational perspective and 3.44 tCO2e based on blankets manufactured and sold.  How...

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