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Who made my blanket: meet the Seljak Brand makers

In 2013 the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed killing 1,138 people. It shook the fashion world, and it it ignited the world’s biggest fashion activism movement for a fairer, safer, more transparent fashion industry – Fashion Revolution. Fashion Revolution encourages people to ask #whomademyclothes. We believe in ethical manufacturing that doesn’t harm people or the planet. To mark Fashion Revolution Week (22 - 28th April) we share how our blankets are made and who by.  Recycled yarn ready for weaving. Working with a mill that’s almost 150 years old offers a treasure trove of stories. When we visit we’re always delighted by the bits and bobs of wisdom, tragedy and triumph we hear from the spinners, weavers and other technicians...

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How designers can solve global problems

image: Getty Images It was our privilege to be invited to speak at AGDA's Pecha Kucha event at Sydney Design Festival last week on the theme of 'positive impact'. Pecha Kucha means 'chit chat' in Japanese and requires each presenter to tell their story in 20 images, for 20 seconds each. It's a challenge that got us thinking about the most concise way to share our thoughts on how thinking creatively can solve some of the most pressing issues of today – indeed, how creatives may be those best placed for the job. We wanted to share what we've learned so far on our journey with Seljak Brand. Designers play a pivotal role in creating a more meaningful future because the current model...

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Daniele Constance on how to give your old clothes a good afterlife

Image: Dani Cabs We chat to Daniele Constance, co-founder of Suitcase Rummage, about how to responsibly extend the life of your things even when you don't want them anymore.  Suitcase Rummage is a roaming, used-clothing-and-other-stuff market where everything is traded out of suitcases. It has chapters in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Karina Seljak: What are your tips for finding – and responsibly buying – treasures at Suitcase Rummage? Daniele Constance: I think the best tip for Rummaging is that you have to do just that - rummage! Don't be afraid to put your hands in the suitcases, pull things out, inspect them, chat to the sellers, ask if they have brands you like. It's amazing the amount of the good quality second...

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Nadia Hernandez: igniting action through an exploration of culture

Image: Kurt Davies We’ve done a lot of work with artist Nadia Hernandez over the course of Seljak Brand’s life. From our logo to tote bags, you can see Nadia’s influence everywhere. We work with her because she inspires us to be positive and active about what we believe makes a more restorative and inclusive world. We caught up with Nadia to learn more about why she makes art, her creative process and what inspires her. You’ve always got such an interesting array of projects on. From city council to commercial (and live!) murals, to your own exhibitions with textiles, paper construction and oil painting, you have so much output — which is cross-medium and also very collaborative. What are you working on right...

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Hejhej-mats: a closed loop yoga mat made from waste

Sophie Zepnik and Anna Souvignier are using offcuts from foam production of mattresses and furniture to make yoga mats. Originally hailing from Germany, the pair met while studying in Spain and went on to pursue sustainability studies in Malmö, Sweden. It was here that they were confronted with the idea that most yoga mats are made using unsustainable practices and that many of the mats produced from natural materials involved deforestation for plantations or exhaustive resource use. As keen yogis, this didn't sit well with them and the vision for a closed loop yoga mat was born!  Sammy had a chat to the hejhej-mats founders to understand how they started, what drives them and their closed loop goals for hejhej.  Tell us about...

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