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Well Made Clothes: the future of smart shopping

Sometimes we think so hard about the impact of our choices, we end up just spinning furiously around in one spot and make not a single decision. There’s too much information out there not to consider the options, but why is buying underwear that does no harm so gaad daam hard? Well Made Clothes is a way you can shop for cool clothes that are sustainably and ethically made. What does that even mean? The team at Well Made helps to unpack that question with their eight values; Fair, Minimal Waste, Vegan, Gender Equality, Handcrafted, Transparent, Local and Sustainable (Well Made dubs organic as the pinnacle of sustainable), which inform their curation choices and your purchase choices. Respecting people and nature...

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Fairphone: a smartphone with a conscience

Fairphone is providing smartphone consumers with a new opportunity when it comes to technology… to purchase a phone that is long-lasting by self and supported repair and that has less impact on the environment and society.   Smartphones are something that people don’t have a huge amount of purchasing power over. That is to say, it hasn’t been easy to invest in a phone knowing that the environment and people haven’t been comprised in its creation. Until Fairphone came along. Fairphone is an Android smartphone that is built to last. The first of its kind on the market, it’s a modular phone designed to be taken apart and repaired as necessary by its owner with spare parts available for sale...

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Visiting Mill Post: 14 thoughts & learnings from a sheep station

A couple of weeks ago I visited Mill Post sheep station in Bungendore, NSW, about three hours south west of Sydney. Mill Post has been a farm of that name since the 1800’s. It was in the 1970’s that Roy’s parents took over the farm and continued its operation with around 3000 Merino sheep.  I was visiting Maya, whom I went to fashion school with in Brisbane six years ago, her partner Roy, an organic sheep farmer, and their superbly independent three year old daughter, Evie. It was a wonderful weekend. We cooked crepes, chopped firewood and herded sheep.  We traipsed around the property so I could learn more about the wool life. It takes about an acre to raise...

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Open Table: using surplus food to foster community

Open Table uses surplus food to create wholesome community feasts, bringing together people from all walks of life. We spoke to Angela O’Toole, who coordinates the regular lunches and dinners that happen in different neighbourhoods across Melbourne, about the wonderful work Open Table is doing. What is important about the work that Open Table does? Officially Open Table has two core purposes, reducing food waste and fostering community connectedness. The food waste issue is a huge one, given that the estimates of food waste annually in Australia is around $8 billion. That is edible food, not scraps! For me getting that message out there is more important than physically reducing that amount of waste, and that is what our dinners...

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Swedish Stockings: closed loop tights

“Each year, two billion pairs of tights are produced, worn once and then discarded, helping to make the textile industry the second most polluting industry in the world.” Nadja and Linn are the two ladies behind Swedish Stockings - the world’s first sustainable hosiery company. Not only are they producing pantyhose out of recycled yarn, they have introduced a collection program in which people are invited to send in their old stockings in exchange for a 50% discount on their next Swedish Stockings purchase. While they have not yet worked out how to make new stockings out of discarded pantyhose, they are committed to closing the loop. In the interim, they ensure your old stockings are recycled rather than ending...

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